Many retail establishments, restaurants and commercial offices have an abundance of windows, but surprisingly they are often not put to any use!

If your windows are empty then consider how you could be leveraging this space to build your brand or create a decorate edge. There are many types of window film available for a wide variety of uses.

Reasons to dress up your window space:

1)  Market your brand or promote a seasonal campaign

Get noticed and attract passers-by with a prominent window graphic, feature a seasonal promotion or a simple logo and tagline to create an instant impact. Additionally a window could be used to promote your community involvement in an awareness campaign.



2) Aesthetically enhance your office or commercial space

Decorate your space with colourful design or creative patterned effects to transform your space into a modern and upscale environment.




3) Create privacy and/or increased security for clients

Add partial or complete privacy or create a frosted effect to allow natural light in.





4)      Mask unsightly views

Is the view from your office window dull and uninspiring, let the window become your canvas.





5)      Keep energy costs down

Reduce sunlight entry, helping to lower air conditioning costs.





6)      Prevent glare

If you are concerned about the amount of ultraviolet light penetrating your windows and subsequent damage to your skin and furnishings, apply a window film.

There are many window films to choose from: Perforated films provide a view through the window, while ensuring some privacy; Clear window films allow for unobstructed views from each side of the window and layering can be used to provide a different message on the inside and outside of the glass.

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