Advertising is all about eye-catching displays, we know, but how can you ensure that yours will really stand out?

Billboards, flyers, banners, TV ads are all common platforms but there’s another way to really create an impression: by using vehicle wraps to deliver your message to potential clients.

Key benefits of a vehicle wrap:

Makes an impression

  • Vehicle wraps make an impression because they’re eye-catching. Unlike an ad on TV or in print, wraps are extremely large and therefore can’t be missed. If the vehicle is passing through a busy street or is stuck in traffic, you can be sure that it will be noticed by everyone who can see it.

Has a far reach

  • True, newspapers have very wide circulations but there are so many publishing houses that not everyone is likely to pick up a paper with your ad on it. Vehicles, on the other hand, can reach far-off places which increases your business’s visibility.


  • Vehicle wraps are surprisingly cheap, more so than putting a full page ad in print. The vinyl can also be removed to accommodate other designs and messages quickly and with minimal fuss.


  • With vehicle wraps, you can reach all demographics and target audiences anytime and any place. People don’t need to purchase a paper or magazine to see it as it’s there for full and free viewing.

Here at Ampco Grafix, we are able to produce, print and install vehicle wraps for businesses throughout North America. We can standardize the look of your entire fleet or customize a single vehicle with an image.

For further information or advice, talk to one of our experts at604 472 3800 or 1-800-663-5482

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