Have you ever noticed how unappealing some retail windows are?

In today’s competitive world, creativity is the key to maintain an edge on the opposition. Being located in a prominent shopping location is no longer a guarantee that your business will be successful – attention to detail is crucial to attract and retain loyal customers.

Store design has a pronounced effect on consumers’ in-store emotions and their buying decisions.

By placing emphasis on store design and the shopping environment you can differentiate the image of your brand and, ultimately, the overall success of your business. A good atmosphere provides added value for customers and creates the ability to increase mood-related and impulse purchasing.

Various characteristics can influence emotional responses in the shopping environment!

The overall design of the store must encourage the shopper to lower their defenses and become interested in the merchandise offered.

Attracting passers-by into the store is the biggest hurdle to overcome and so creative window displays can be used to ensure your brand stands out.

Women’s fashion boutique, Aritzia, makes seasonal changes to its front of store window displays to create appeal. The displays are distinctly different from those of the opposition and therefore set the brand apart from other retail outlets.

To achieve the long term success of brands like Aritzia, a business must do their homework when designing for success. Knowing the targeted client’s likes and dislikes is a must when deciding what to put in the window or on the walls of a store. Tying in the graphics, colours, decorations and even background music to match the products being sold will help to create a distinct brand identity.

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