Ampco Grafix transformed the entrance of a Vancouver apartment this month using DI-NOC architectural finish film.

DI-NOC products have the ability to closely approximate authentic materials such as real wood and stone, and hence are popular for use in construction and interior design.

The project also featured a scenic wall mural which helped to transform the space from dull and uninspiring to warm, open and inviting.

There is no doubt that people feel better in aesthetically pleasing settings, rather than when surrounded by flat, featureless backgrounds. It is therefore ever more attractive to create the right aesthetics and make a space identifiable.

Architectural finish films are increasingly being worked into the architecture of interior spaces. For instance many open concept corporate interiors are using architectural finish films to create different zones within a space – to include work zones, customer zones, relaxation zones, interactive zones and so on. To find out more about the range of possibilities, click here

Here’s what the space looked like before and after:

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