The basic elements of creating any graphic design are clarity, visibility and readability. The designs used for creating signs and banners should include all these elements to instantly grab the attention of the viewer and connect with him emotionally.

The following tips will help you if you are new to creating graphics for signs and banners:

• Avoid small fonts when creating banners. People won’t come near to the banner to see what’s written so use sizes which are visible from a distance.

• Always use short punchy headlines to attract the customer. People usually ignore banners which include a lot of written content. There is an art to communicating your message to the public in short but persuasive lines. Mastering that art will increase the effectiveness of your graphics.

• The color combination of the graphics must be subtle and light. If you want to use bright colors, ensure the colours contrast well with the background colour. Also, letter styles must not be too fancy. They should be simple and clear especially when read from a distance. Hence, avoid use of cursive fonts.

• For cleaning banners once in a while use mild soap with water. While storing banners, always roll them with the design on the outside and never fold them.

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