Often prime advertising locations can get overlooked when it comes to creating brand appeal.

Look around the main areas of your building: the lobby walls, the entrance windows, even the floors and elevators doors, are they conveying the right impression of your brand or relaying your core messages?

If the answer is no, then you are missing an opportunity to set your business apart and make your brand memorable!

Consider how many clients and potential clients pass through or by your building every day – as we approach a brand new year there is no better time to plan to make your building memorable.

Here are our 5 Top Tips to achieve brand impact:

1)     Create a memorable visual experience

Utilizing prominent exterior walls and windows for creative graphics will maximize your impact. Wall murals, window films and large format banners can all be used to transform a building. What’s more, vinyl graphics are removable so you can change the graphics out to coincide with each new campaign.

2)     Theme the interior spaces

Not all graphics have to contain advertising copy to have an impact on your audience. Use scenic images, shapes or colours to give a wall, window, door or even the floor a completely new look and create the right impression.

3)     Add style with Dimensional Lettering

3D lettering is a classy way to dress up a lobby, conference room or office space and give your brand a more professional and upscale appearance. It is an ideal solution for directional signage, such as way-finding signs and reception logo graphics.

4)     Communicate core messages

Feature inspirational quotes from the founding members of your organization or testimonials from customers for a more personalized touch, using vinyl lettering.

5)     Employ creative techniques to optimize potential

Look around your space and consider creative ways to use large-format printing. Perhaps you have a unique visual concept, incorporating dynamic media or 3D objects. The more unusual and impactful the graphic idea, the better the impact!

Large-format graphics are an affordable, versatile and important component of a winning marketing strategy. Here is an example of how they helped the Centre for Digital Media to transform a space:

From this:                            To this:





For more tips on creating impactful graphics, visit our portfolio section or talk to one of our experts at 604 472 3800 or 1-800-663-5482

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