Often you see billboards and banners in prominent outdoor locations which utilize interesting combinations of colours and graphics. The ones with appealing designs are guaranteed to grab your attention in just a few seconds.

Brand advertising through the use of graphics on hoarding and banners is an effective communication tool for company’s to relay information about their products and services to a vast audience.

Use of image based graphic design makes it possible for private, as well as government companies, to speak publicly about their ideas to everyone, regardless of cultural background or language. Hence, they can appeal universally using simple graphic images.
Graphics are used to evoke emotions. For example, fashion related companies can convince the public that their product is wonderful by using an image of a beautiful model on the banner.

In short, graphics are used to establish a connection between the brand and the general public. Seeing an image of a mouth-watering burger on a banner by the roadside urges you to go and have a bite, doesn’t it?

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